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SOLID SHINE LCD Boosts Image Brighteness While Reducing Your Workload, Delivering an Effortless Learning Experience


Clear, Long-Lasting Viewing for Efficiency and Comfort

Pure White Generator Enriches Colors with 16,000 lm* Brightness

New 1-inch LCD panels, Multi-Laser Drive Engine, inorganic phosphor wheel, and Pure White Generator combine to achieve brighter and more natural color expression. Pure White Generator reduces energy wastage from the light source using a Panasonic-original multi-reflection engine that collects blue laser light with very high efficiency. Pure White Generator harnesses the extra light to improve color accuracy and create vibrant, natural, true-to-life colors that appear brighter and deeper on screen. Regardless of the installation site and ambient light levels, audiences can enjoy immersive high-quality images comfortably viewed for extended periods.

Note: Stated brightness is for PT-MZ16KL only. Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2012 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped.

Reliable Operation Reduces Callouts in Real-World Conditions

Our First LCD Projectors with Liquid Cooling for Multi-Laser Drive

The PT-MZ16K Series is our first LCD projector lineup to feature a liquid-cooling system for multiple solid-state laser modules, securing reliable projection stability. As well as raising the ceiling for high-brightness projection in elevated locations and in environments subject to heat, the liquid-cooling system contributes to whisper-quiet 32–38 dB operation (depending on the projection mode)* to minimize distracting noise within the learning space.

* For the PT-MZ16KL.

Panasonic’s Original Phosphor-Wheel Cooling System

The PT-MZ16K Series features a dedicated and original sealed cooling system for the phosphor wheel, which is made of durable, heat-resistant inorganic material. Extensive shielding around the phosphor-wheel assembly protects against dust-particle intrusion for extended reliability and consistent brightness.

Multi-Laser Drive Engine with Failover Redundancy Circuits

Multi-Drive Laser Optical Engine groups laser diodes into multiple laser modules. If one diode in a module fails, only a limited number of diodes in the affected series are bypassed. The remaining diodes continue to operate, maintaining close to full brightness. If a laser diode fails in other projectors, the entire module shuts down, resulting in a dramatic loss of brightness. The PT-MZ16K Series adds an invaluable layer of insurance when image presentation must not be interrupted.

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