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Pontus Video Wall processor is a new high-performance video image processing workstation with pure hardware architecture and free of operating, which can display multiple dynamic images on multiple screens and realize the function of multi-window splicing. The processing mechanism of large capacity, high-speed FPGA and CrossPoint switch, ensure real-time processing of all input signals and data consistency. at
the same time, it has high stability and fast start-up speed and supports 365 x 24 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation.

Pontus Video Wall processor is available in 3U and 5U models. The card is designed with card-in-card structure and can be flexibly configured according to requirements. It support the splicing display of 32 large screens. Support DVI signal, HDMI signal format input and output, compatible with various common resolutions, and can realize custom unconventional resolution, with a single output resolution of
1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz.


Seamless handover

The device employs Big Date Transmission Chip, provides an unique channel for each dynamic signal, switching speed is within nanoseconds therefore no black screen.

Character superposition

It supports character overlay settings for each signal source, and can modify the position, font size, front and background colors of characters.

Signal source clipping

It supports the function of signal clipping, more flexible control of picture, which can solve the problem of black edge of signal, also can realize local amplification.

Scene Save and Read

It supports the saving and calling of scenes, automatic timing round-robin of scenes, can select whether scenes participate in automatic round-robin or not.

Screen split display

It supports the function of screen division and display, and each output channel can perform multi-screen division and display.

Picture roaming

Each window can roam freely in the output screen and can be displayed on any one or more large screens. There is no boundary limit on the area of the screen display.

Picture scaling

The size of the window can be scaled at will, the scaling of the window has no specific size limit, the whole screen can be filled when the picture is zoomed in.

Picture overlay

The hierarchical relationship and layout position of each picture can be customized arbitrarily, without being constrained by the size of the image space.


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