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This videoconference system features high image and sound quality. Panasonic technology offers easy, comfortable meetings between remote locations.

The Panasonic KX-VC300 is designed to take your meetings to the next level. This full HD video conference calling kit allows you to view complex CAD drawings, observe delicate surgery or train teams of professionals as though you were physically present. Full-duplex audio presents every tone and expression in startling detail.

  • Full HD 720p*.
  • Smooth 2-way conversation with broadband stereo and unique Echo Canceller.
  • Multicast
  • The Rate Control function adjusts data traffic based on network congestion.
  • Connect to a sub-camera to share zoom and still images.
  • Connect with a PC to share PC data.
  • Other brand device compatibility and MCU interoperability.
  • HD Communication Camera Control
  • Low Bandwidth Communication Support
  • External Control Interface
  • Recording Capability
  • NAT/FW Traversal

* The optional Activation Key Card lets you upgrade the maximum resolution of the KX-VC300 system to 1080p/i.

Main Unit KX-VC300
Terminal Method SIP, H.323
Image Compression Method H.264 High Profile Level 3.1/4.0, H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3.1
Audio Compression Method G.711 μ_law、A_law (3.4 kHz@64 kbps)
G.722 (7.0 kHz@64 kbps)
G.722.1 (7.0 kHz@32 kbps)
G.722.1 Annex C (14.0 kHz@48 kbps/24 kbps)
MPEG_4 AAC_LD Mono (7.0 kHz@32 kbps, 14.0 kHz@64 kbps, 22.0 kHz@96 kbps)
MPEG_4 AAC_LD Stereo (14.0 kHz@64 kbps, 22.0 kHz@96 kbps)
No. of Channels G.711/G.722/G.722.1/G.722.1 Annex C: 1
MPEG-4 AAC-LD Mono: 1/ MPEG-4 AAC-LD Stereo: 2
Remote Camera Control Original, H224, H.281 (Zoom/Pan/Tilt/Preset)
Dual Stream Method H.239 (H.323) (Receive Only)
No. of Applicable Resolution Frames Main: Max. 1080p 30 frames/second, Sub: Max. 1080p 30 frames/second
Encryption SRTP (AES 128 bit), H.235
Other H.460.18, H.460.19
Communication Bandwidth 256 kbps to 9 Mbps
Video Compatible Resolutions*1 352 x 240p, 512 x 288p, 704 x 480p, 768 x 432p,
960 x 540p, 1280 x 540p, 1280 x 720p
No. of Frames Max. 60 frames/second (for H.264 720p)
Screen Display Full-screen, PinP
Audio Echo canceller, Auto gain control, Auto noise reduction, Lip synch, Mic mute
I/O Terminals Video Input Camera*2 HDMI main x 1, HDMI sub x 1
Input compatible resolution: 1920 x 1080i
PC RGB x 1(Mini D-sub 15pin)
Input compatible resolution: VGA, SVGA, XGA, HD, WXGA
Video Output HDMI x 1, RCA x 1 (Componen)
Output compatible resolution: 1080i
Audio Input Analogue Boundary Microphone x 1 (KX-VCA002), Max. 1
Stereo mini-plug x 1(ø3.5 mm) RCA (Stereo) x 1
Audio Output HDMI x 1, Stereo mini plug x 1 (ø3.5 mm), RCA x 1 (Stereo)
Network RJ45 x 1 (100BASE-TX Full Duplex)
External Control RS-232C x 1 (Also used for maintenance)
Others USB x 1
No. of Simultaneous Connection Sites 2*3
Content Sharing PC(HDMI), Sub-camera (HDMI sub)
USB Memory Version upgrade
Import/Export: Setting data, Address book
Network Functions Automatic Repeat Query (ARQ), Forward Error Correction (FEC),
Adaptive Rate Control (ARC), Reorder, Packet Shaping,
Arbitrary Port Setting, NAT Compatibility, Encryption,
IP Precedence/DiffServ Support
External Control Via Web Browser, Control by HTTP CGI, TELNET, RS-232C
Connection Modes IP mode, NAT Traversal Service
Dimensions (width x depth x height) Approx. 320 mm x approx. 230 mm x approx. 60 mm
Weight Approx. 2.0 kg
Power Input AC 100-240 V,1.2A-0.6A, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Maximum: approx. 23 W, Standby: 17 W
DC Power Input DC 16 V, 2.5 A
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Operating Humidity 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)
Boundary Microphone (sold separately) KX-VCA001 KX-VCA002
Maximum Pickup Range Approx. 4 m (radius), 360° Approx. 2 m (radius), 300°
Pickup Method Stereo / Monaural *4 Stereo / Monaural *5
Microphone Unit Unidirectional ECM
microphone parts x 4
Unidirectional ECM
microphone parts x 2
Number of Connections Maximum 4 microphones Maximum 1 microphone
Maximum Input Sound Pressure 110 dBspl
Number of Terminals for Microphone Connection 2 1
Dimensions Approx. 120 mm (diameter) x 25 mm Approx. 75 mm (diameter) x 32 mm
Cable Length Approx. 8.5 m Approx. 7 m
Power Input Supplied from main unit via proprietary cable
Weight Approx. 280 g Approx. 80 g
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Operating Humidity

10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)



HD Communication Camera
(sold separately)
GP-VD151 GP-VD131 AW-VC2
Effective Pixels 1920 x 1080i, 1920 x 1080p
Pan / Tilt Pan: ±100°, Tilt: ±30° Pan: ±100°, Tilt: ±20° (Manual)
Pan: ±180°, Tilt: ±20° (Electronic)
Pan: ±23°, Tilt: ±14°*6
Zoom (optical/digital) 12x / 10x 3x / 4x No optical zoom / i.Zoom 2x*7, Digital zoom 4x
Horizontal Angle of View Maximum 56°(Wide) Maximum 85°(Wide) Maximum 95°(Wide)
Presets 9 positions
Connection Cable HDMI
Dimensions (width x depth x height) Approx. 150 mm x
approx. 148 mm x
approx. 177 mm
Approx. 133 mm x
approx. 127 mm x
approx. 139 mm
Approx. 80 mm x
approx. 138 mm x
approx. 117 mm
Weight Approx. 1.2 kg Approx. 0.8 kg Approx. 0.25 kg
Power Consumption Power supply voltage:
12 VDC±10%
(with AC adaptor attached)
Consumption current:
1.0 A
Power supply voltage:
16 VDC±10%
(with AC adaptor attached)
Consumption current:
0.6 A
Power supply voltage:
5 VDC±10%
(with AC adaptor attached)
Consumption current:
0.8 A
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Operating Humidity 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)
Extension Cable for the
Digital Boundary Microphone
(sold separately)
Dimensions (diameter x length) 7 mm(cable outer diameter) x 20 m
Weight 1.28 kg
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Operating Humidity 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)

* When connected to an other brand device or other brand MCU (Multi-point Control Unit), connection conditions vary depending on the specifications of the other brand device or other brand MCU.