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Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TGH260

  • Link to Mobile
  • Up to 2 mobile phones can be registered
  • Call Block Up to 250 Unwanted Numbers
  • Answering System with 20 minutes recording time
  • Cool and Stylish Designed (Large Colour LCD)

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Stylish Design

Simple and sophisticated design
While featuring a simple overall design, the piano black finish provides an elegant impression. The Deluxe Transparent Frosted Grid Keypad used on the handset, and the flat buttons arranged vertically on the base unit reduce the number of projecting parts and help the design to blend in smoothly with the living space.
Sophisticated button layout on base unit. Uncluttered design for easy cleaning.


Nuisance Call Block*1

Reduce unwanted calls such as telemarketers
You can block any specified number, as well as any head string of 2 to 8 digits matching your specified numbers or “no number is provided” calls*2.

*1 Requires subscription to Caller ID service offered by your provider/telephone company.
*2 No number calls cannot be blocked depending on the service of your provider/telephone company. 


Do Not Disturb Mode

Never disturb your sound sleep despite staying available to your important ones
Each handset can be programmed to prevent ringing during specific periods. However, the sound of the special callers by placing them in a contacts group of the phonebook can be turned on.*

* Requires subscription to Caller ID service offered by your provider/telephone company.


Noise Reduction

Reduce the background noise of the other party
The Noise Reduction feature of the handset suppresses background noise around the caller while simultaneously enhancing their voice, making it easier to hear.

General Colour B[Black]
Handset (Quantity) 1.0
Frequency 1.9 GHz
Frequency Range 1.88 GHz – 1.90 GHz
Number of Channels 120 Channels
System DECT
DECT Security Mode
Number of Phone Lines 1
Multiple Handsets Capability
Multiple Base Units Capability
LCD Language English
Wi-Fiツョ Connection
Mobile Connection
AndroidTM OS Version
Power Saving Low Radio Power Y
One Touch Eco Mode / Eco Mode Y
Smartphone Connect Smartphone Connect
Multiple Smartphones Capability
Supported Devices
Wireless Network Standard
Simplified Configuration
Easy Wi-Fi Setup Button
Wi-Fi Repeater Mode
Phonebook Copy from Smartphone
Ringtone Copy from Smartphone
Wallpaper Image Copy from Smartphone
Conference Call with Outside Landline and Smartphone
Transfering Landline Call (between Smartphone and Handsets)
Playing Aanswering System Messages
Link to Mobile Link to Mobile Y
Mobile Registration Number 2
Simultaneous Communication Mobile1 and Mobile2,
Simultaneous Communication Mobile1 and Landline,
Simultaneous Communication Mobile2 and Landline
Privacy Mode
Ring as Mobile Mode Y
SMS Notification Y
Talking SMS Sender Notification
Device Battery Charging
Smartphone Docking Station Smartphone Stand
Stereo Speaker
Compatible Devices of Battery Charging
Playing Music from a Bluetooth Device
Music Player Remote Control by DECT Handset
Convenience Key Finder Compatible Y
Multiple Key Finder Capability Up to 4 Key Finders
Repeater Available
Clear Sound Y
Noise Reduction Y
Customized Sound System (Equalizer) Treble/Alto/Bass
HAC(Hearing Aid Compatibility) Support
Power Back-Up Operation Y
Baby Monitor Y
Smart Function Key Y (NR Key)
Any Key Answer Y
Do Not Disturb Mode Y
Bypassing Do Not Disturb Mode (Specified Phonebook Category) Y
Call Restriction Y
Distress Call
Conference Call with Outside Line
Call Share
Intercom (Handset to Base Unit)
Intercom (Handset to Handset)
Intercom All
Clock Y
Alarm (Wake-up / Memo alarm) Y/Y
Advanced Alarm (A day of the week / Snooze) Y/Y
Bluetoothツョ Headset Capability (HSP Support) Y
Bluetooth Audio Headphone/Speaker Capability (A2DP Support)
Google PlayTM Support
Caller ID/ Phonebook Caller ID Y
Caller ID Memory 50 items
Call Waiting Caller ID Y
Category Ringer / Ringer ID Y
Category Display Colours
Talking Caller ID (Handset)
Talking Caller ID (Base Unit)
Talking Caller ID Language
Nuisance Call Block Yes(50 numbers)
Block Range of Numbers Y
Block Withheld Number Call Y
Handset Phonebook Memory (Name/Number)
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number) 1 name + 1 phone number: 3,000 entries
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number) 1 name + 2 phone numbers: 1,500 entries
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number) 1 name + 3 phone numbers: 1,000 entries
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number) (16char/24digits)
Shared Phonebook
Phonebook Copy (Handset to Handset)
Phonebook Copy from Mobile Phone via Bluetooth Y
Speed Dial (Handset) Y
Speed Dial (Base Unit)
Chain Dial Yes(Handset)
Handset LCD 1.8 inch (4.5 cm)
LCD FullDot TFT Colour
LCD 65K Colours
LCD 128×160 pixels
LCD Backlight Colour White
Front Camera
Rear Camera
LED Flash
SD Memory Card Slot
USB Jack
USB Version
Illuminated Keypad Blue
Speakerphone (Volume Steps) Yes(6-step)
Icon Operation (Number of Icons) Yes(9)
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody) PSTN:40(10+30)
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody) Mobile:40(10+30)+Inband Tone
Polyphonic Ringer Melody 32 chord
Ringer Volume Steps 6+OFF
Receiver Volume Steps 4.0
Redial Memory 10(Name & Number)
Digits of Redial Number 24
Auto Redial Y
Ringer Indicator (Colour) Yes(Blue, NR indicator)
Charge Indicator (Colour)
Hold Y
Mute Y
Key Lock Y
Headset Jack
Secure Grip
Short Stroke Key Y
Wall Mountable (Charger)
Base Unit Dial Keypad
Corded Handset (Power Outage Operation)
Speakerphone (Volume Steps)
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody) PSTN:1(1+0)
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody) Mobile:1(1+0)+InbandTone
Ringer Volume Steps 6+OFF
Redial Memory
Auto Redial
Mobile Locator
Handset Locator Y
Wall Mountable
Answering System Answering System Y
Total Recording Time About 20 min
Fast-Forwarding and Rewinding Message Y
Audible Message Alert Yes(Base Unit)
New Message Notification by a Call Y
Announcement Language of New Message Notification English
New Message Notification by an SMS
Visual Message List (Handset LCD) Y
Recording Conversation
Speaker Volume Steps(Base Unit Speaker) 8.0
Call Screening (Handset) Y
Call Screening (Base Unit)
Language of Pre-recorded Greeting Message English
Remote Operation from Handset Y
Remote Operation from Outside (DTMF) Y
Toll Saver (New Messages Recorded / No New Message) 2/5
Accessories Key Finder Included (Quantity)
Repeater Included
Belt Clip Included
Optional Handset Optional Handset
Others Rechargeable Battery Ni-MH(AAA x 2)
Talk Time Up to 10 hours
Standby Time Up to 144 hours (6 days)
Charge Time About 7 hours
Power Consumption Base Unit Standby Power Consumption 1.1 W
Charger Standby Power Consumption
Dimensions/ Weight Base Unit Dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 106 mm x 90 mm x 76 mm
Handset Dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 45 mm x 23 mm x 155 mm
Charger Dimensions (W x D x H)
Key Finder Dimensions (W x D x H)
Repeater Dimensions (W x D x H)
Base Unit Weight Approx. 120 g
Handset Weight with Battery Approx. 110 g
Charger Weight
Key Finder Weight