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The Panasonic IP-Enabled KX-TDA series business telephony solution combines advantages of traditional telecommunications together with the convergence of IP technology-offering advanced features and flexibility to handle your company communication needs. These models can be easily upgraded to high-end KX-TDE series models.

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Easy Migration to VoIP (IP / IP Telephony)
Designed to support convergence via modular architecture, this IP-enabled system facilitates a smooth migration towards VoIP, allowing voice and data communication to function harmoniously within the same network, assuring additional flexibility in the future.


Voice Mail Integration
Optional Cards (ESVM) provide added message recording and outgoing message handling capabilities that help ensure calls from your customers routed through properly and are always answered or processed gracefully.

Total Number of Trunks 126*1

Maximum Terminal Equipment

Telephone 176
Telephone | SLT 128
Telephone | KX-DT300 / KX-T7600 series DPT 104
Telephone | IP-PT 112
DSS console 8
CS 26
High-density CS 13
PS 128
Voice Processing System(VPS)*2 2
Doorphone 16
Door Opener 16
External Sensor 16
External Relay 16
NOTE *1 Max 126 channels with PRI30 x 1 and LCOT16 x 6
*2 Only a single VPS can be connected to one optional service card.