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Business Communications Server KX-NS1000

  • IP Networking Scalability
  • Unified Communication
  • Wireless Solutions

Built-in Voice Mail

The KX-NS1000’s built-in voice mail can handle incoming calls, record messages and conversations, and manage mailboxes all from a cellular phone. 2 channel and 2 hour voice storage is preinstalled, and this can be expanded to 24 channels and 1000 hours.* Voice mail resources can also be shared across the network (using One-look Networking).

*Requires an activation key and the storage memory to be changed

– Voice Mail/Mail Box Feature
– Custom Service
– Automated Attendant
– Interview Service
– Automatic Two-way Recording for Managers


Built-in Fax Server

With its built-in fax server, the KX-NS1000 can receive, distribute, and send faxes. Received faxes can be saved in mail boxes and notify you via the message waiting lamp or e-mail, forwarded, printed, and downloaded.

IP Networking Flexibility
The KX-NS1000 fully supports IP, an open protocol for establishing real-time communication. Using IP effectively can result in compelling advantages such as improving user efficiency, and lowering communication costs.

One-look Networking
Controlling Multiple Systems as a Single System
Panasonic’s One-look Networking is a system where a single KX-NS1000 works and provides PBX features even though two or more PBXs are networked. The system can be expanded easily via a web based maintenance console.

QSIG Networking Support
Build Systems for Up to 8000 Users
When the KX-NS1000 connects to existing PBXs such as the KX-TDE and KX-NCP via an ISDN private network or VoIP network (H.323), it is possible to flexibly increase capacity and provide QSIG features. QSIG networking is capable of supporting up to 8000 users and 17 or more sites on a network.

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