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Introducing Apollo Pro

Apollo Pro V4 professional video wall processor is Tricolor’s newest and best performing equipment. It supports 4K @ 60 Hz ultra-high definition video signal acquisition and transmission with full 4:4:4 chromaticity sampling in the RGB gamut. Utilizing FPGA architecture as well as modular design, Apollo Pro V4 retains Tricolor’s traditional stable and reliable operational ability, but at the same time supports various interfaces and business modules for flexible and personalized combination, along with the convenience for future upgrading. The new generation Apollo Pro supports signal preview and monitoring, audio-visual synchronized switching, scrolling caption, classification management, and RealControl (PC signal operation) function, a breakthrough technology which enables users to control output signals within the video wall with an OSD mouse. It is compatible with various types of control interfaces, which makes the system exceptionally user friendly. Apollo Pro is tailored for intelligent control centers and suitable for police stations, traffic controls, power stations, television and broadcastings, banks, exhibitions, education and scientific research, etc. Tricolor fills the gap between video control and display and brings a marvelous video wall processor with extraordinary management solution.


Ultra HD

Supports 4K ultra high resolution image and high-quality P2P (Pixel to Pixel) screen resolution. High-performance system supports LCD, DLP and LED video wall of any size and layout.

Multi-function Slots

Users can insert input card, output card, and control card into any card slot (Any to Any). It is convenient and flexible for engineers to design and update the system.


RealControl™ is a function that allow users to control signals PC directly with mouse and keyboard, which is benefit to keep balance between control and display. Operator can get WYSIWYS control experience with this function. It is compatible with all kinds of operating system.

Scrolling Text

HD dynamic scrolling text function allows users to define a group of scrolling text with different style. Users can user it to publish messages and slogans. It is a built-in function of hardware and needs no extra hardware or software.

A/V Sync Switch

Apollo Pro supports analog/embed audio input and output. It can help user to manage audio and video signal syn chronically. Audio input level can be preset to identical when different signal have different volume.

On Screen Mouse Control

It helps users control function help user to control the whole video wall like operating a special computer with big resolution desktop. Users can open, resize, move all input signal window with on screen mouse instead of using client software on PC or tablet.

Synchronization Technology

With Tricolor® video wall synchronization technology, Apollo Pro supports output image synchronization and makes sure all output signals are shown without row by row delay. It supports frame synchronization of display units like LCD, DLP, etc.

Multi-group Video Wall Management

Apollo Pro can manage up to 4 video wall groups with different resolution at the same time. It helps users to control more display area with one single unit. At input signal can be shared and deployed.

Central Control Function

Apollo Pro can be customized with ca be custom-made with different control interfaces such as RS232/485 serial port, infrared interface, relay control interface. With engineers program in field, users may control and manage all controllable devices in room (e.g. matrix switcher, DVD player, audio system, etc,).

Multi-user Management

Support multi-user function. Different users can login system and operate the processor at same time. User right management module control the system security strictly.

Preset Builder

Apollo Pro allows up to 128 schemes stored inside. These preset layouts can be easily accessed user management client and RS232 or Ethernet. It helps users manage the layout of whole video wall area quicker and smarter.

Video Wall Mirroring

This function provides 60fps real-time mirroring high resolution video signal of the whole video wall. The mirroring signal could be HDMI or IP stream. It offers a better way to preview and record the whole display layout for operator.


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