PT-RZ670E Laser DLP projector

Laser 1-Chip DLP Projector with 6,500lm of brightness
The black Panasonic PT-RZ670E 1-Chip 6500 Lumen Laser Light Source DLP Projector is a lamp-free WUXGA projector that utilizes a filter-free design for 20,000 hours or more of 24/7/365 continuous and maintenance-free operation. With no lamp to replace, these projectors are designed for a more stable light output over a longer period of time. Projectors with lamps to replace may go through more frequent cycles of brightness and dimming, while the laser technology remains steady and brilliant during the same period. The laser engine is fashioned such that if anything were to go wrong with a single laser module, the projector would continue operation at up to 93% brightness. The laser light engine delivers a 10,000:1 contrast ratio with near pure white. The full power of the projector is used to make color without giving up some of the power to produce white for brightness.

It also offers an array of features, including edge blending, pixel mapping, horizontal / vertical / 360° rotational mounting, and geometry control. The laser light source combined with an onboard sensor enables accurate color and brightness control when blending two or more projectors over longer periods of time.

The PT-RZ670E will work with many 1-chip DLP lenses available from Panasonic, including the ultra short-throw ET-DLE030 lens. It also has three standard digital inputs including HDMI, DVI, and Digital Link. Digital Link is based on the HDBaseT spec for delivering 1080p audio and video content over 328′ of Cat6e cable. Panasonic also adds its control protocol for complete integration with many control and networking products.

Long-lasting reliability and high picture quality

  • The world’s first* brightest 6,500-lm brightness as a laser light source 1-chip DLP™ projector
  • Bright, beautiful picture quality for a long period of time.
  • Reliable drive system enables continuous 24/7 operation with no downtime
  • Long-lasting brightness and low maintenance enable TCO (total cost of ownership) to be reduced
  • Laser light source and filter-less design allow maintenance-free of 20,000 hours**
  • Newly designed optical system achieves high reliability and excellent color reproduction
  • A new liquid cooling system maintains quiet, long-term, stable operation while keeping the exhaust heat extremely low
  • A filter-less, dust-resistant structure with an airtight optical block
  • Detail Clarity Processor 3 gives natural clarity to even the finest details
  • System Daylight View 2 enhances color perception with no need to turn off the lights
  • Advanced technologies for excellent image quality including full 10-bit signal processing
  • DICOM Simulation mode reproduces easy-to-view to view rendering of X-ray photos***
  • Rec. 709 mode to provide accurate colors
  • Waveform Monitor for easy and precise calibration


Expanding installation flexibility

  • Multi-Screen Support System seamlessly connects multiple screens: edge blending, color matching and multi-screen processor
  • Multi-Unit Brightness Control function
  • Projection is possible with a flexible layout thanks to vertical and horizontal 360-degree installation
  • Lens-centered design and a wide horizontal/vertical lens shift
  • Geometric Adjustment for specially shaped screens (PT-RZ670)
  • Optional Upgrade Kit ET-UK20 featuring Geometry Manager Pro for more flexible geometric adjustment and modified masking functions (PT-RZ670)
  • Optional ET-CUK10**** Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit for automatic multi-screen projection setup (PT-RZ670)
  • A wide selection of optional lenses including the ET-DLE030 ultra-short throw lens

Professional system integration

  • DIGITAL LINK transmits digital signals (HDMI, uncompressed HD video, audio, and control signals) up to 100 m (328 ft) with a single CAT5e cable or higher
  • Quick on/off: Image appears immediately and no need for cooling after use
  • Shutter function with fade in/out effect
  • No on/off cycle limitation
  • Art-Net***** compatible
  • Abundant terminals, including SDI (3G/HD/SD), DVI-D and HDMI inputs
  • Optional ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box for single cable solution
  • Optional ET-MWP100G Multi Window Processor for multi-screen solution
  • Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software allows multiple projectors to be managed together over a wired LAN or RS-232C
  • Web Browser Control
  • PJLink™ compatible
Model PT-RZ670/RZ670L PT-RW630/RW630L
Power supply 100-240 V AC, 9.0-4.0 A, 50/60 Hz
(Taiwan: 110 V AC, 8.0 A, 60Hz)
Power consumption*1 720W (735 VA at 240 V AC) (Taiwan: 730 VA at 110 V AC),
(558 W with OPERATING MODE set to NORMAL,
480 W with OPERATING MODE set to ECO,
448 W with OPERATING MODE set to LONG LIFE1,
430 W with OPERATING MODE set to LONG LIFE 2,
407 W with OPERATING MODE set to LONG LIFE 3),
(0.3 W (Taiwan: 0.2 W) when STANDBY MODE set to ECO,*2
3 W when STANDBY MODE set to NORMAL)
DLP™ chip Panel size 17.0 mm (0.67 in)
diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio)
16.5 mm (0.65 in)
diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio)
Display method DLP™ chip x 1, DLP™ projection system
Pixels 2,304,000 (1,920 x 1,200) pixels 1,024,000 (1,280 x 800) pixels
Lens PT-RZ670/
Powered zoom (throw ratio 1.7-2.4:1),
powered focus F 1.7-1.9, f 25.6-35.7 mm
Powered zoom (throw ratio 1.8-2.5:1),
powered focus F 1.7-1.9, f 25.6-35.7 mm
Optional powered zoom/focus and fixed-focus lens
Light source Laser diode (laser class: class 1 (class 3R for North America))
Screen size (diagonal) 1.27-15.24 m (50-600 in),
1.27-5.08 m (50-200 in) with the ET-DLE055,
2.54-8.89 m (100-350 in) with the ET-DLE030,
16:10 aspect ratio
Brightness 6,500 lm (Panasonic standard value when shipped),
7,100 lm (measured in compliance with ISO 21118)
Center-to-corner uniformity*3 90 %
Contrast*3 10,000:1 (full on/full off, DYNAMIC CONTRAST: ON)
Resolution 1,920 x 1,200 pixels 1,280 x 800 pixels*4
SDI 3G-SDI SMPTE ST 424 compliant,[RGB 4:4:4 12-bit/10-bit] 1080(1125)/60i, 1080(1125)/50i,
1080(1125)/25p, 1080(1125)/24p,
1080(1125)/24sF, 1080(1125)/30p,[YPBPR 4:2:2 10-bit] 1080(1125)/60p, 1080(1125)/50p
HD-SDI SMPTE ST 292 compliant,[YPBPR 4:2:2 10-bit] 720(750)/60p, 720(750)/50p,
1035(1125)/60i, 1080(1125)/60i,
1080(1125)/50i, 1080(1125)/25p,
1080(1125)/24p, 1080(1125)/24sF,
SD-SDI SMPTE ST 259 compliant,[YCBCR 4:2:2 10-bit] 480i(525i), 576i(625i)
480i(525i),*5 576i(625i),*5 480p(525p), 576p(625p), 720(750)/60p, 720(750)/50p,
1080(1125)/60i, 1080(1125)/50i, 1080(1125)/25p, 1080(1125)/24p,
1080(1125)/24sF, 1080(1125)/30p, 1080(1125)/60p, 1080(1125)/50p,
VGA (640 x 480)-WUXGA*6 (1,920 x 1,200)
(compatible with non-interlaced signals only), dot clock: 25-162 MHz.
RGB fH: 15-100 kHz, fV: 24-120 Hz, dot clock: 20-162 MHz.
YPBPR (YCBCR) fH: 15.75 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [480i (525i)] fH: 15.63 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [576i (625i)] fH: 45.00 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [720 (750)/60p] fH: 33.75 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [1035 (1125)/60i] fH: 28.13 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [1080 (1125)/50i] fH: 27.00 kHz, fV: 24 Hz [1080 (1125)/24p] fH: 33.75 kHz, fV: 30 Hz [1080 (1125)/30p] fH: 56.25 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [1080 (1125)/50p]fH: 31.50 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [480p (525p)] fH: 31.25 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [576p (625p)] fH: 37.50 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [720 (750)/50p] fH: 33.75 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [1080 (1125)/60i] fH: 28.13 kHz, fV: 25 Hz [1080 (1125)/25p] fH: 27.00 kHz, fV: 48 Hz [1080 (1125)/24sF] fH: 67.50 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [1080 (1125)/60p]
Video/YC fH: 15.75 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL-M/PAL60],
fH: 15.63 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [PAL/PAL-N/SECAM]
Optical axis shift*7 Vertical +50%, -16%
from center of screen (powered)
+60%, -16%
from center of screen (powered)
Horizontal +30%, -10% (+28%, -10% with the ET-DLE085)
from center of screen (powered)
Keystone correction range Vertical: ±40°*8 , horizontal: ±15°*9 Vertical: ±40°*10
Keystone correction range with the optional upgrade kit ET-UK20 Vertical: ±45°*11 *12, horizontal: ±40°*12 *13
Installation Ceiling/floor, front/rear, 360 degree free installation
Terminals SDI IN BNC x 1 (3G/HD/SD-SDI)
HDMI IN HDMI 19-pin x 1 (Deep Color, compatible with HDCP)
DVI-D IN DVI-D 24-pin x 1
(DVI 1.0 compliant, compatible with HDCP, compatible with single link only)
RGB 2 IN D-Sub HD 15-pin (female) x 1 (RGB/YPBPR/YCBCR x 1)
SERIAL IN D-sub 9-pin (female) x 1 for external control (RS-232C compliant)
SERIAL OUT D-sub 9-pin (male) x 1 for link control
REMOTE 1 IN M3 x 1 for wired remote control
REMOTE 1 OUT M3 x 1 for link control (for wired remote control)
REMOTE 2 IN D-sub 9-pin (female) x 1 for external control (parallel)
RJ-45 × 1 (for network and DIGITAL LINK (video/network/serial control) connection,
100Base-TX, compatible with Art-Net, compliant with PJLink™)
Cabinet materials Molded plastic
(W x H x D)
498 x 200*14 x 581 mm (19-19/32 x 7-7/8*14 x 22-7/8 in) (with supplied lens)
498 x 200*14 x 538 mm (19-19/32 x 7-7/8*14 x 21-3/16 in) (without lens)
Weight*15 PT-RZ670/
Approximately 23.2 kg (51.1 lbs) (with supplied lens)
Approximately 22.5 kg (49.6 lbs) (without lens)
Noise level*3 35 dB
Operating environment Operating temperature: 0-45 °C (32-113 °F)*16,
operating humidity: 10-80 % (no condensation)
Applicable software Logo Transfer Software,
Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software,
Geometry Manager Pro
(included in the ET-UK20)
Logo Transfer Software,
Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software
Supplied accessories Power cord with secure lock, wireless/wired remote control unit,
batteries (R03/AAA type x 2), software CD-ROM (Logo Transfer Software,
Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software)

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